Scripture In T. Ward's Spoken Word

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The Bible is the Word of God. He breathed out His spoken words through the authors and we were given an account of Biblical history, and a process for redemption though Jesus Chirst. Ward shows in this writings just how clearly the Bible states that God often does His actions by speaking words. He says let there be light and there is light. Psalms 29: 8 says, “The voice of the Lord shakes the desert; the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh.” God does this throughout the Bible, it is not exclusive to the Old Testament. In the New Testament, he declares the sinner to be righteous in His sight. God as we know him was revealed to us through His words, more specifically the covenants that he made throughout the Bible. His words are an extension of …show more content…
Early churches had spoken accounts of scripture or verbal revelation, and in modern society there is written revelation. Whether or not the revelation is written or spoken does not necessarily matter, but without some sort of account of the Word, the church would not be able to survive. Scripture is fully sufficient. It was inspired by God and breathed out by Him through the apostles. It contains everything necessary for salvation and church building. However, it does not necessarily have the answer to any possible question a Christian might ask. The church is still necessary for learning and growing in Christ. Scripture is a clear statement of God’s words. Often churches have preaching as their main focus for the church, but the clarity of scripture allows anyone to understand the teachings and meaning of the Bible. The term “Authority of Scripture,” simply means that we believe what it says and believe that God has spoken to us through scripture. Scripture is both infallible and inerrant. These mean that the Bible does not word tings in a way that deceives people and the Bible does not have any errors of fact. God’s Word is perfect, it his promise, and it is how we know we can be redeemed through

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