Dogma Of Sin In The Rime Of Ancient Mariner

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4.1.3 Dogma of Sin (according to representative era)
Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is the manifestation of Protestant religious convictions about the consciousness of sin. It is an organized mouthpiece of famous protestant slogans “Five Solas”. The awareness and guilt of sin aroused on learning through the Bible in Pilgrim’s Progress. Bible is being represented chief and infrangible source of faith. An indictment of complete guidance rather than a Pope contrasting the Catholic concept. Christian has lost God’s grace due to his sinful nature, now he has to establish his faith by reading Scripture alone (Bible) for the achievement of God’s grace. He has not to follow the conditions of Pope in order to gain God’s grace. Bible is sufficient in rewarding the God’s grace by faith in Christ in order to achieve eternal glory. And this is a thorough reformative concept follow up respectively by Bunyan in Pilgrim’s Progress.
While The Rime of Ancient Mariner is the perfect verdict of Romantic Era, through its manifestation of rebelliousness against nature. Alienated from all traditional religious convictions, romantics esteemed nature as a residence of Divine entity.
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Since he got Albatross in his neck, he was now burdened by his sin that estranged him from all other sailors. Suddenly he get excited by the presence of a wrecked ship on the horizon in the hope of being saved. But soon they discovered the ship as an omen of death to which they expect as a savoir of their lives. There was two allegorical characters Death and Life in death on the deck, gambling on sailors’ life. Life in death won the life of Ancient Mariner and rest of sailors die on the spot. Now being under the burden of sin, he is surrounded by the cursing eyes of all the sailors. He tried to pray but all in vain. He was totally isolated on wide vast sea until he appreciates the presence of divinity in

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