Essay on Script Analysis of "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell

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Script Analysis of “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell

Summary In the play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell, there are five characters, three men and two women. They are in a house where the murder of Mr. Wright took place the day before. The men are trying to find evidence to name a killer or motivation to name Mrs. Wright as the murderer. While the men are downstairs, the women occupy themselves with looking around the kitchen and living room. They take note of Mrs. Wright's canned fruit and the fact that it has busted in the cold weather. The men laugh at them for "worrying over trifles". The men go upstairs to look at the murder site and leave the women downstairs. The women find a quilt that Mrs. Wright was making in her famous "log
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Wright killed her husband and they hide the evidence from the men.

The plot of this play begins as the men and women walk into the house and ends as the men decide they haven’t found any evidence and the women choose not to tell. The story could be considered as having began the day prior when Mr. Wright was killed or many years before that when Mrs. Wright married him and changed so much. “Trifles” has a climactic structure as is evidenced by restricted characters, locale, and scenes as well as a plot that starts very late in the story.

“Trifles” is different from many other plays in the fact that the main character of the play, is never actually seen. Mrs. Minnie Wright is the main character. The play is about her life, her struggle, and her crime.

In this play, the antagonist could either be Mr. Wright or the men in the play. Mr. Wright could be considered the antagonist because he kept Minnie Wright from being herself. He’s the one that caged her up, stripped away her happiness, and drove her to committing such a horrible crime. The men could also be considered the antagonists, though. They spend the entire play trying to find something to prove that Mrs. Wright killed her husband. They don’t stop to see how she must have felt, they just want to convict her.

Before the plot of the play begins, Mr. Wright was killed in his bed, while sleeping. A rope was

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