Essay on Scientific Method and Research

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Name of Course/Module: Research Method
Course Code: BT 21603 Research Method

Name(s) of academic staff:
Dr. Janice L. H. Nga
(Room No. 10, Level 3, SPE. Ext. 1640, Email:;
Dr. Zakariya Belkhamza
(Room No. 26, Level 3, SPE. Ext. 1555, Email:
Rationale for the inclusion of the course/module in the programme

Doing research is an important activity of the for today’s business environment. Business and economics students need to understanding basic concepts of business research methodology and research process as well as acquiring basic research skill. Application of the basic business research concepts and ability to prepare a sound and
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It gives understanding to place the research project on a basic-applied research continuum according to its purpose and context and gives understanding on the stages to be completed (and revisit) as part of a research process.
Assigning Groups for Research Proposal
Discussion on Research Proposal Topic and Objectives (I-Introductory)
Tutorial: Discussion Questions:
1) What research is all about?
2) Describe the characteristic of scientific method (What is scientific research?)
3) What is problem statement? How to write a problem statement

References: Main Text: Saunders, M., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. (2012). Research Methods for Business Students, 6th Edition. London: Pearson Education Limited.

Chapter 2 Formulating and Clarifying Research Topic
This chapter gives understanding to generate ideas that will help in the choice of a suitable research topic. It also focuses on identifying the attribute of good research and the methods to turn research ideas into a research project that has clear research questions and objectives. Drafting a research proposal is another focus of this chapter.

Tutorial: Research Proposal: Group Presentation of Research Proposal title and discussion
Discussion Questions:

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