Science Is The Era Of Science Essays

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Science produces validated theories and is capable of making models that lets scientists build new things and sometimes predict natural events that doubtfully affect everyone. Science is unique because it is a specific way of developing knowledge. It can determine what is accepted as real and probably to predict how we live our lives. Science can tell us what is true. The era that we’re in right now is the era of science. I believe science has done a great service to the world. We are rational and curious creatures who tend to explore the mysteries of the world. This exploration and wonder have led to many discoveries through science. Additionally, we are very unsatisfied creatures and are always looking for more in depth answers to mysteries that our current knowledge has touched upon. Science satisfies this thirst for knowledge because through observation, research and skill, we are provided with evidence to natures claims. Science is the tool I use to understand the world and events that happen around me. It provides soundness and order. Through science, we use both reason and instinct to test the ideas that come to our minds. By doing this we sometimes end up with important new discoveries that in turn brings new knowledge, that we can then apply to our lives or form new ideas to further the research.
Since, science is unique; it is very different from other ways of acquiring knowledge just by looking at how that knowledge is actually obtained. It is more solid than…

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