Science Vs Pseudoscience

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First and foremost, we will need to establish the differences between science and pseudoscience. Science and pseudoscience are two completely different things. Science deals with our understanding of the physical world around us. With science, we make observations that cause us to form theories as to why certain things happen. We then actively try to disprove or falsify those theories. By actively testing the theory with the intent of disproving it, we further support the theory. However, pseudoscience is a belief that is often presented as being scientific, but does not hold up against the scientific method because it cannot be tested or disproven. Popper discusses that it is an issue when someone considers pseudoscience to be a science. …show more content…
Winter explains that the Bible isn’t entirely fictional or historical, but it still serves as a timeless embodiment of the truth that is available to those who believe in it. Winter struggled internally because he felt that not believing the Bible the literal truth of the text he was causing him to turn his back on Christianity. It’s possible to believe that the text embodies the word of God and at the same time understand that it has some infallibility. It would be foolish not to question the Bible because in doing so you would negate what history and science have shown us. Just because something is said doesn’t make it a fact. Instead the Bible should be interpreted as an expression of the ideas that God wanted to be portrayed, sometimes in non-factual ways. Living in our modern day society we need to understand that these thoughts were better displayed through stories than they would have been through factual reports. Winter also says that some parts of the more profound parts of the Bible would lose their power if they were based upon observable facts, such as the story of creation. (29-37) Believing in the supernatural helps us to cope with our everyday lives. By doing so it makes it so that we can focus our concerns on other questions that we can derive scientific answers from.
In conclusion, there are differences between science and pseudoscience, or metaphysics. Science is testable, and metaphysics aren’t. I place more value in science because of the factual knowledge it provides, but I don’t solely rely upon it. Understanding what makes me the way that I am gives me more of an ability to define myself and to understand the human condition. However science has its limitations when it comes to dealing with ultimate truths, so I rely on

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