Science And Religion : Science Essay

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Science and religion have proven to work together for centuries now. Science refers to knowledge gathered through observations and experiments based on a series of hypotheses and theories. On the other hand, religion involves a belief in something based on absolute truths delivered as a gift from God. Additionally, religion provides us with faith and morals. Both science and religion are aimed at providing us with the truth, yet they just utilize different ways of thinking to go about it. While science exists with a goal to explain how the world works, religion involves a desire to understand why things are the way they are. Science and religion both serve as sources of truth, and everything that is true comes from God. Therefore, a reasonable person can indeed believe in both science and religion, even accepting that they can work together, as long as faith ultimately triumphs over reason for those who believe in God. Numerous reasonable religious members see the value in science as well. Ronald Numbers points out that renowned theologian Thomas Aquinas believes in both science and religion. He says, “Using Aristotle’s criteria, the great Italian theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas (ca. 1225- 1274) later argued that theology was a science” (Numbers, pp. 23, 2009). Thomas Aquinas says we must think critically about our faith, as we cannot just simply accept it. Science can sometimes challenge our faith, which turns out to be a good thing because that forces us to…

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