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How I Hire: The Must-Haves, the Definitely-Should-Haves and the Game-Changer
Jack Welch

Hiring? What a great problem to have. It can only mean your organization is growing, which is terrific, or that you’ve got an existing position you can now fill with an even bigger dose of talent than before.
Either way, congratulations.
Why aren’t you smiling?
Well, probably because you know from experience that hiring is about as hard to get right as it is critical to your company’s success – which is to say, very.
Fortunately, hiring isn’t a black box of gut and luck, although it can sometimes feel that way, like when your home-run candidate turns out to be a wash out by Day 30 on the job. Rather, hiring is a discipline which improves with
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After all, what good is high energy if it isn’t making the team better? Look for candidates who exude positivity and stir others to action. Such dynamism is contagious.
Third comes edge, the capacity to make yes-or-no decisions. Smart people can be dangerously namby-pamby about hard calls, you know? They want to analyze everything to death. Hello, no. When you’re hiring, ask candidates to describe how they’ve made tough decisions – and how fast they made them.
The fourth and final E is execution, the ability to get things done. Brainpower is all well and good – it’s non-negotiable, as we said – but not if it’s uncoupled from the ability to get out from behind the desk and make ideas happen. Many people are either smart or are good executors – you’ve got to find the ones that are both.
The four Es are great individually, but they’re even better when a candidate has them all wrapped up in burning ball of passion – there’s the P – for both work and life. Passionate people sweat the details, they’re curious, they care.
And there’s nothing better than hiring someone who’s passionate about… well, about people. Here’s where that powerfully game-changing quality comes in.
We call it the “generosity gene.”
You’ve seen the generosity gene in action and maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to experience it – a boss who’s overjoyed when you nail an assignment, who’s euphoric to give out promotions, who thinks the very best part of his job is when one of his people

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