Essay on School Uniforms Should Not Apply A School Uniform Policy

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Schools Should Not Apply a School Uniform Policy on Students School uniforms have always been a good topic of discussion ever since the eighties when some public schools applied a school uniform policy. It has even made national headlines when President Bill Clinton stated in his state of the union address in 1996 that he actually recommended school uniforms saying that “if it only helps the students become more disciplined and orderly” (“School Uniforms”). However, school uniforms are extremely unpopular among students and a handful of adults. This despicable policy of school uniforms takes away students’ freedom of expression and makes them look like stuck up rich people that no one likes. Public schools should not apply a uniform policy because it does not improve academic performance, it is expensive to buy uniforms for the children, and it takes away students’ freedom of expression.
The first reason why schools should not apply a school uniform policy is that uniforms do not improve academic performance according to:
“A study done by David Brunsma from the University of Missouri and Kerry A. Rockquemore from Notre Dame measured the effects of uniforms on attendance, behavior, substance abuse, and academic achievement, and concluded that they do not improve any of these. In their report published in The Journal of Education Research in September/October 1998, the authors contend that uniforms may even have the opposite effect on academic…

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