School Uniforms Should Be Compulsory Essay

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A student wearing unwashed, torn pants, walks into class. Are they dressed to learn, and more importantly, are they adequately preparing themselves for the workplace in the future? Uniforms play a key role in the development of a student 's sense of self-discipline, and their understanding of what is, and what is not appropriate for the workplace, where there will be judged by their appearance. On the other hand, people say that uniforms limit a student 's self expression, but this is simply not true. Schools that have changed from no uniform policy to a strict uniform policy have seen drastic changes for the better in different aspects of school affairs. School uniforms should be obligatory for students because uniforms prepare students for the future, and bring benefits to a learning environment.
Argument 1: Prepares students for the future
School is a place where students are educated, and are prepared for whatever they plan to do in their future. A great way to prepare students for the workplace is to introduce them to uniforms, by instituting a uniform policy in public schools. At school, teachers introduce the idea of “Dressing for success”(Pienton). The idea to “Dress for success” shows students that appearance is important, because in a civilized environment, they will be judged for how they dress. Furthermore, uniforms show students that a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt do not look as neat and tidy as something like khakis and a polo. As William Shakespeare…

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