Essay On Should Uniforms Be Required In Schools

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Should Uniforms Be Required In Secondary Education Schools?
Growing up, I lived in Central Pennsylvania and attended a public school. This meant I never had to wear a uniform. I often wondered how I would feel if the school board decided to change its policies. Would I be grateful, or upset? I did know one thing for sure, choosing an outfit for the next day was I task I could’ve lived without. Thinking back, I could picture myself standing in front of my closet, staring blankly at the multi-colored sea of clothing that I’d seen so many times before. There was always the question of, “When did I wear this last?” or “Is it too soon to wear it again?” Even after the agony of deciding what to wear was over, I still felt the flutter of nervous anticipation
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At first, while I was reading through the pros and cons, I was struck by a few points. The first thing that really made an impact was when I read about the distinction between students and guests in the school. That idea sparked an instant interest because I thought about how beneficial that would be to school safety. Over the last two years, I have seen the extents that a number of schools, including my own, have gone through to ensure the safety of their students. If everyone were to be wearing uniforms, it would be easy to identify anyone who could be of potential danger to the well-being of the faculty and children. The second thing I read that was of interest to me was the concern that uniforms would be too expensive. I found this to be odd, and even shocking, because I feel the pressure to wear something different each day in a society where you dress how you want is much more costly than one where you can wash the same outfit and wear it every day of the week without a soul knowing. Lastly, I was intrigued that a lot of the pros dealing with academics didn’t have statistical information to support them, which was confirmed in the results to Brunsma and Rockquemore’s …show more content…
I found a study compiling information from other sources in attempt to arrive at a conclusion. This Web document titled Impact of School Uniforms on Academic Achievement & Student Behaviour, contained scholarly findings from a variety of individuals including Brunsma and Rockquemore. While this article also summarized what people find to be positive and negative about uniforms, which seems to be the approximately the same across the board, it also included a section titled Best Practices which listed ideals so as not to harm anyone’s sense of self-expression or financial matters. This was ineffective also because it failed to find a compromise between the freedoms lost with uniforms and the gains from

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