Essay on School Uniforms And The Public School System

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If you were to walk into the public school system in today’s society, you would probably become concerned looking at what each individual child was wearing. Unless you are in a private school system, a student is allowed to pick out what they wear on a daily bases, even if this out does not fit the dress code. Many students today feel as if their social status is defined by their clothing, and if they were told they had to wear a school uniform many would find a way to protest the issue, usually by saying they will lose the ability to express themselves. Although requiring students to wear school uniforms may violate their self-expression, a uniform can be looked upon as a positive thing. A uniform can eliminate bullying, combine social classes and develop a stronger team mentality. To begin with, a school uniform can help eliminate the need for school bullying. For instance, if a person was to sit down with a child who has been bullied, through a simple discussion it would easy to conclude it was probably over what they were wearing. Many parents are unable to afford name brand clothing and some can barely afford a growing child’s wardrobe at all. Students today pick up on this easily. This, could then create an abundant amount of unnecessary stress for the students. Every morning, a child will wake up to make sure that what they wear was not already worn one day that week. In addition, they will be looking to pick out the most expensive “hip” clothing they own so they can…

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