School Lunch And Nutritional Policies Essay

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School lunch and nutritional policies are not as effective because the undermining ways of snack lines and vending machines. In almost every school, there are stations separate from the lunch lines where students are able to buy other foods. The foods offered in the al-a-carte lines are almost always unhealthy, snack foods. Vending machines also play a key role in the eating habits and diets of the students. “Many said they would purchase fruits and vegetables, and water, milk and fruit juice at school if these items were available in school vending machines” (Kubik, Lytle, Fulkerson 496). For many students, school is simply a race against the clock and doing everything as fast as they can is a necessity. Trying to fit a healthy food into their busy lives has become a struggle by both parents and the students themselves. With unhealthy foods able to be conveniently obtained, it increases the odds of students reaching for these instead of taking the time to prepare a fresh, nutritious snack. One way this can be countered has been done by many schools, including my own: discontinue restocking the vending machines. Schools view that as long as there is nothing there for students to buy, they will not make the reach for the unhealthy foods. This, however, will only push them more towards the unhealthy, convenient snack foods. “The usual suspects: time, cost, availability, and convenience were identified as key factors that influenced food choice and the choice to be…

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