School Is A Waste Considering Education Is Mandatory Essay

835 Words Dec 21st, 2015 4 Pages
Harvard, a prestigious, ivy-league university, that is known for its majors involving social and physical sciences, is also known for accepting students based off of their family’s wealth and how much they are willing to pay to have a seat for their child at the beginning of the school year. Children who aspire to be successful adults work from the start of their schooling to get accepted into these reputable universities, so that they can reach their goals of having an idealistic lifestyle. These hard-working children who have studied an endless amount of hours to score high on tests and increase their intelligence should not be compared to the “average-joe” type of children who do not show the same amount of effort and devotion in their work. Instead, all students should be motivated to get into these respectable universities and have a positive mindset to make it through. The differences between motivated and unmotivated students, specifically regarding actions, goals, and development, exemplify the idea that putting forth no effort in school is a waste considering education is mandatory. In high school, there are ambitious students that are willing to do anything they can in order to be successful in life. These students submit assignments on time, study hard to perform well on tests, and participate consistently. Also, these students manage to get all of their work done while participating in extra-curricular activities after school. These activities include soccer,…

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