School Is A Mandatory Pastime, Enforced By Law And The Threat Of Not Graduating

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For countless students, school is a mandatory pastime, enforced by law and the threat of not graduating. For other students, though, school is a place where they can go and learn new things. These students are aware of the importance of learning and enjoy going to school. They feel that being educated properly is a necessity. This need to learn drives certain students to be the best that they can be in every classroom. Unfortunately, several of these students must sit in what can be considered a “boring” classroom because of a lack of stimulation, low teacher participation, and/or different learning speeds.
In the classroom, it may be hard for a teacher to keep every student continuously stimulated. The teacher could have not adequately challenged his/her students to the degree that they needed to be. Mr. Collins, high school science teacher, is especially guilty of this. In his classroom, students are faced with poorly structured lectures and endless confusion when covering a new subject. This could ultimately impact the attentiveness of the classroom because those who work faster or slower may become frustrated or bored because they are not being motivated according to their learning speed. Boredom and lack of attention could lead to disruptions, such as raucous behavior or horse playing. This is not the teacher’s nor the student’s fault; although both can work together to make a memorable learning experience possible. An easy remedy for the situation is for the teacher to…

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