Essay about School Design At The K 12 Level

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Although learners of the 21st century have evolved tremendously, the school system has relatively remained the same over the past several decades. More recent educational trends and practices in school are evolving to better serve current student needs. Several factors must be taken into consideration to determine what practices are best on a school-wide level. Not all trends that work in particular school environments work well across other environments, therefore the characteristics of leaners must always be taken into consideration. Practices should have a trickle-down effect, which promotes positive outcomes for the student population overall through effective interventions. Only when the unique needs of 21st century learners are considered, will there be less chances for students to fall through the cracks and widen the achievement gap. My paper will highlight ways in which changes in school design at the K-12 level can assist in the enhancement of learning for today’s students while taking their unique characteristics into consideration.
School Size, Location, Student-to-teacher ratio and Attendance
Although certain aspects of schools, such as location and population are difficult to alter, there are several practices that can enhance of the quality of learning across various school districts. Data suggest that schools in lower-income areas typically have less available resources and less effective teachers (Gagnon, 2015). Teachers within these areas are…

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