Schindler's List Critique

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Steven Spielberg did it again! We see evil and wicked throughout us day-to-day and sometimes when righteousness is infrequent as an ice cube in the Sahara.
Schindler’s List is based on a true story about the cruelty of the Nazi’s to the Jews. Directed by one of the greatest directors, Steven Spielberg and he happens to be a Jewish. Steven Spielberg did a numerous great and well-known movies including, Jaws, E.T The Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, and etc… Although Schindler’s List is one of his greatest work, he made a numerous of research to gain more personal perspective of the Holocaust tragedy including, traveling to Poland, interviewing Holocaust survivors, and visiting historical real-life locations. It was unusual for him that he made the movie black and white even though the top films during that year was colored. In addition, he refuses to accept a salary for making the movie, instead, he chose to donate the profit he made to the Shoah Foundation to honor and commemorate the survivors of the holocaust.
It is fascinating how the Plaszow-Krakow Labor camp was presented in the movie, because the movie set is actually located in the actual remnants of the Jewish Ghetto. The
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Black and white gave the opportunity for thrifty color scene into a high memorable setting. In addition, the aesthetic and intellectual custom of the black and white brings the viewers back in time to capture how the way they envision World War II and the Holocaust. Along the lighting and contrast in the film noir style complement the barbarism in each violent scene. Compliments on Steven Spielberg decision making not to make the Schindler’s List a colored movie, because most people in the MCA and Universal studio except the CEO Sidney Sheinberg was against the idea. And if the movie was colored it would never have the same visual and emotional

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