Sch21 Communication Essay

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Unit SHC21 promote communication in health and social care or children's and yyoung people's settings.

1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate.
· To gain and to share information,
· To express feelings, needs and experiences,
· Maintaining relationships,
· To negotiate,
· To organise and to plan.

1.2 Give an explanation of how communication affects relationships in the work setting.
Communication plays a major part in our everyday life, if we did not communicate with each other we could not learn, develop relationships or even progress and it is very important to make sure that the best provision is created for all. Different methods can be used as a way of communicating but the way we express it can have
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Good communication skills are always essential when working with parents, being positive towards them by showing them good eye contact, smiling and body language. It is also important when communicating with parents that you are giving them time to be heard and are paying full attention to them. When possitive relationships are formed between collegues and parents it is easier to trust, support help and advise. Parents will feel alot more confident about leaving their child in a setting if the staff are friendly and approachable by being this way you can recieve the mutual respect and develop a professional relationship by showing that you have interest and priority in their childs learning and development although it is as equally as important that while you are developing a professional friendly relationship with the parent that it doesn't become personal and develop into a friendship.
Good communication is the key to establish a possitive relationship with your colleagues and other professionals in the setting it has a major impact on the daily running of the setting it is important to be polite show respect and be highly professional with anyone that you work along with. It is important to respect other people's views regardless of your own personal opinion of them. If you choose to be unproffesional and dismiss other people's views and opinions this may result in result between the adults and this can be easily picked up by the

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