Saving Private Ryan A Hero's Journey Essay

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A Hero’s Journey Saving Private Ryan is a film based on the true events that happened during World War 2 against the Germans in France. On June 6th 1944, the lives of many American soldiers changed for the worst. Over many days and nights seven American soldiers lead by Captain John H. Miller set out on a treacherous mission to return Private Ryan, the only living brother left of four back home to his saddened mother in Iowa. The only problem to the situation is that he could be anywhere in Germany. Many dangerous obstacles were over came during this long journey to bring Private Ryan back home making it all worth it to complete the mission successfully and win the War against the Germans. In the boat hands shaking, nervous vomits, and praying was the only comfort at the time for all of the American soldiers getting ready to give their lives to win the …show more content…
The problem was that after all this way and all the hardship and deaths they have faced Private Ryan was not leaving his army brothers after fighting beside them the whole way leaving Captain Miller with a very tough decision to make. Stay and defend the bridge and if they do then everyone goes home, or leave him there and head back after coming this far. After a while of debating the final decision to stay and fight was made. This was it the last big fight to take home the dream kid from Iowa. With what seemed like an impossible feat for the Americans turned into great victory after the fighting and killing tables were turned by American plains bombing the large German fleet. When crossing the bridge to blow it up Captain John Miller was shot in the chest right before the plains arrived killing him on the bridge with Private Ryan by his side. Private Ryan was going home finally after the heroic act of many American soldiers and one individual with the strong willed determination to save

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