Savannah And The Mountain - Original Writing Essay

1164 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
“You look familiar, have we met before?” Savannah then asked. “I don’t think so.” Katelyn told her. “I think I would’ve remembered you.” For a moment I had thought Katelyn was being snarky and making fun of Savannah over the way she been dressed in a gray button up shirt that was too big for her and a sky blue dress that stopped just short of her ankles leaving her bare feet exposed. But then I saw Katelyn smile sincerely as she said, “It’s really nice to meet you to though, Savannah.” After introductions I took a moment to tell Katelyn on how Savannah was a home schooled girl who lived on the other side of the mountain. I also told her about how Savannah and I had met back when I was hiking by myself a few weeks earlier. We all then sat down together on the bedrock overlooking the river where Katelyn and I commenced in asking Savannah questions about the forest and people from the village she might know. During our casual conversation we had also told Savannah all about how most of the other kids in our school were such assholes, suggesting that she was lucky to have been home schooled and not having to go to Mount Harrison High. Savannah had sympathized with us by telling us both about how some of the people she’d been friends with had also ostracized her for no good reason other than just being a little different. Katelyn had then asked Savannah for some specifics of just what her friends had said and done to her to make them former…

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