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Savage sam!

In his early life he resigned from the U.S army and began reading law .He moved from Indian Territory to Texas.Sam Houston was born March 2nd, 1793, in Rockbridge County in Virginia.His father Major Samuel Houston was a Revolutionary War veteran, and passed away when Sam Houston was only 14 years old.Sam Houston ran away from home as a teenager when he became unhappy working for his brother.Sam Houston was a big man at 6’6.Sam Houston lived twice among the Cherokees, who first nicknamed him "The Raven,' then, during a low point in his life, "Big Drunk." He had a Cherokee wife and she is buried at Fort Gibson National Cemetery, Fort Gibson, Muskogee County' Oklahoma. When he was in his later part of life he got a statue of himself located in
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states, Texas, and Tennessee.Sam Houston left Tennessee and chose to return to his Cherokee lifestyle. In 1830 he married Tiana Rodgers, a Cherokee woman.Sam began to represent the Cherokee Indians and other Indian tribes in native affairs in Washington D.C.In 1836 the city of Houston was named after Sam Houston.Sam owned slaves but he did not support the idea of expanding slavery into the new territories.He felt that expanding slavery would make most of the population slavery.Distinguishing himself in combat under General Andrew Jackson, young Houston made an important patron. He was elected to two terms in Congress and also elected two terms as governor of Tennessee. Texas declared independence from Mexico on Houston's birthday, March 2, 1836. Houston married Margaret Lea. At the creek where Houston was baptized, the preacher announced that his sins were washed away. Houston replied, "God help the fishes!"Sam was the first elected president of the Texas Republic in 1836. When Texas became a state in 1846 he served in the US Senate as Governor.When Sam Houston was 13 years old his dad died.Somehow Sam

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