Sausage Party Sociology

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Sausage Party is a film that chronicles the two-day awakening experienced by the produce and toiletries that occupy the shelves of Shopwell's as they struggle to grasp truth behind their truly unfortunate lives. The film features several anthropomorphic characters whom firmly believe that if they are pure and remain true to their faith they will be chosen by the gods and taken to "the Great Beyond." However, it is soon revealed that the gods are nothing more than mere humans with an insatiable hunger and the great beyond is not a place where all their wildest dreams come true but rather a kitchen where they are mercilessly slaughtered and turned into savory dishes. At first glance the film appears to be yet another raunchy adult comedy, however, …show more content…
The effect of media platforms on individuals has always been called into question, lately, it has largely been attributed to desensitization or the gradual lack of empathy towards events that would otherwise be shocking. Videos, photos, games, and music that depict acts of violence are widely circulated amongst media outlets so it's not hard to imagine why the words "violence" and "desensitization" are often found together, however, the fact remains that desensitization applies to acts of racism and sex in the media as well, Sausage Party addressed this concept beautifully. The use of animation techniques that are reminiscent of those used by Disney and Pixar give the film an overall childish and innocent feel, which only served to make the moving more jarring. The depicted acts of violence, sexual encounters, outright racism, and swearing are by no means new to viewers, and if we witnessed the same scenes in a typical R rated movie most people wouldn’t think twice about it, but the execution of such things in sausage party caused a mental shock so powerful it caused viewers to revert back to their humanity and realize the disturbing truth about how we view such …show more content…
It's the terrible actions that we've willing decided to stop caring about, the way we overlook the horror at for the sake of entertainment, and the way we don’t talk about it later. Sausage Party is a piece that capture society at it's most flawed and outrageous

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