Sas Airlines Essay

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Table of Contents I. | Project Question | Page 3 | II. | Description of Variables | Page 3 | III. | Procedure | Page 4 | IV. | Results | Page 6 | V. | Additional Results | Page 7 | VI. | Business Implications | Page 10 | VII. | Project Implications | Page 10 | VIII. | References | Page 12 | IX. | Appendix | Page 12 |

I. Project Question
For our data analysis, our group decided to gather information pertaining to airlines and the different factors that go into calculating their revenue. To support our conclusions, we collected and evaluated 1,283 observations across 30 airlines, over a 12-year period beginning in 2000. We used this information to analyze the effects of a variety of independent variables on our
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Ad$pender and RITA (Research and Innovative Technology Administration) Database were used to collect data for each of the 30 different airlines we studied. Ad$pender was used to determine the dollar amount that each airline spent on advertising every year. We used RITA to obtain data about all of the other independent variables, such as the number of flights (domestic and international), fuel cost and consumption, and baggage fees. RITA works with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to obtain their data and supply air transportation research. Ad$pender is a web tool that allows users to access summaries of

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