Essay Sarah 's Decision For Getting An Abortion

1115 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Sarah’s decision to getting an abortion at 10 weeks was immoral. It was Immoral because she was having consensual sex and never used protection before consenting to sex with her boyfriend of one year. She was aware that contraceptives are not 100% effective techniques to preventing pregnancy. She does not want kids because she believes it’s too early and is not ready for it but she did consent to sex intercourse that led to her being pregnant and was aware the contraceptive is not 100% safe and did not use protection such a condemn. Sarah lacks Virtue ethics. She lacks it because she knows contraception or not safe and she did not use protection when she was having sexual intercourse wither her boyfriend of one year. Sarah also lacks Virtue ethics because she went to the local clinic and inquired about options but still decided to go ahead with the abortion and she did not tell anyone about that decision and she was only focusing on her happiness. She also lacks virtue ethics because she did not tell anyone about the pregnancy possible her boyfriend was also not aware of it, she might have lied to her boyfriend or did not tell him about at all which virtue of her is not very. She also lacks virtue because she is happy that it went smoothly and no one knows about her pregnancy or abortion. She lack virtue ethics because she is only in her twenties and is only working part-time as a waitress and is not prepared to the life changing experience and cannot provide a good economy…

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