Essay Sarah Boxer 's ' Why Are All The Cartoon Mother ' S Dead?

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Have you ever noticed the fact that mother’s seem to be missing when watching a Disney movie? They always seem to not appear at all or to be useless in the plot. This is the case in lots of little kid Disney movies today take Lilo and Stitch, Bambi, Brother Bear, the third Little Mermaid for example. The mother is missing, killed or simply replaced with a father who takes on the motherly role Somehow the plot of the dead mothers has been a part of storytelling for so long no can simply explain it. In 2014, Sarah Boxer from the Atlantic took the plunge to tell us exactly why the no mother role might make sense. Sarah Boxer a writer, illustrator, and cartoonist finds her place to analyze why Disney includes no mothers. In Sarah’s article “Why Are All The CARTOON MOTHER 'S DEAD?” she breaks down plots of Disney movies by stating exact examples of missing mother’s, gives data as to why no mother’s in movies does not make sense, and appeals logically to readers that Disney is missing out by not including mothers. In the article the author states her claim saying that it is not the dead mother herself but the movies tend to deal with the person, force, or thing that benefits from the death of the mother. The author’s claim addresses her audience of professional adult parents who are showing their kids these Disney Movies. This audience of professional adult parents consider and worry about the details in the movies and the effects they have on their children. The author starts…

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