Sandra Postel Entering An Era Of Water Scarcity Summary

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Humans use resources without thinking of the consequence that it might or will bring. Although renewable resources are continuously being produced by the earth, everything eventually has its limits. For example, Global warming is a major issue in today’s society, ice is melting and the ozone hole is expanding due to pollution caused by our population. Our societies actions are starting chain reactions without accepting the we are the producers. The population is not aware of the damage we are placing upon the earth which leads to the question of “what’s next?” In Sandra L. Postel’s article “Entering an Era of Water Scarcity: The Challenges Ahead”, addresses ideas and problems related to water scarcity. Postel targets the audience, the purpose …show more content…
“Tensions are almost certain to rise as population grows and water demands increase…” (p.10) due to the wants of the people increasing at a faster rate, which doesn’t give earth enough time to make more natural resources. That is why hydrologists, ecologists, water engineers, and civilians must come up with more effective ways to utilize fresh water to preserve our ecosystem. Development plays a role in this scholarly article due to it adding new points to Postel’s topic to make her argument stronger and easier to get across to the audience. In addition, the way Postel sets up the development for this scholarly article makes it flow more fluently because she has the exigence which is the urgency of the topic in the beginning from paragraphs 1 through 17 tying in with facts that support it, developing the problem and evidence argument. By doing so she is communicating to our society that water scarcity is a real-life issue that won’t go away until we take action because “…finding ways to satisfy humanity’s water demands while at the same time protecting the life-support functions of fresh water system now ranks among the most critical and difficult challenges of the 21st century (para. 1).” After addressing to the reader; the problems of water scarcity and what it is, she then develops the argument of the need for change and the goals to make the change happen due to the facts presented. The goals for the change is to make sure that “ecosystems receive the quantity, quality, and timing of flows needed for them to perform their ecological functions and to double water productivity (para. 18)” due to the fact that water scarcity is causing extinction, and affecting “…farmlands, [and] harming or killing crops (para.14).” After Postel discusses the goals for our society, she enhances ways to meet the goals by discussing ways to solve water scarcity in the future.

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