Lifeboat Ethics The Case Against Helping The Poor Essay

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Poverty vs Wealthy In this world poverty prevails around the world, and it’s the biggest issue that people are facing today. In the other hand there’s the wealthy that we could call the minority. The natural resources that our planet is giving us to survive are running out and everyday are less. Garrett Hardin illustrates in his article “Lifeboat Ethics: the Case Against Helping the Poor” that wealthy people or nations are the only ones that have access to those natural resources. Moreover poor nations are not having the same access to the natural. Environmentalists are protesting against those wealthy countries, industries, and people to stop wasting our natural resources, since we all are living and sharing the same world. We all know that the natural resources are very important for the subsistence of humans and for the animal species. Garrett’s purpose is that every …show more content…
Helping who need it the most is a good an idea to change our world, but even it is the best way to change our world this help has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of helping to those countries, nations, or people who need it the most are that poverty would decrease and no just wealthy countries could be a lifeboat. Letting people pass from weak countries to the wealthiest countries, we are helping millions of families providing them better opportunities of life, education, a place to stand. Also a better job with a good salary, and a good future for their families. Also if wealthy countries help poor countries giving to their people a room in a wealthy nations, the over population in poor countries would decrease Food banks are helping to destroy all the hungry and poverty all around the world in big numbers. Helping who need the most has its strengths, but in the other hand it has its own weaknesses. Garrett gives us an example in his article “If we do let

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