Comparison Of Silent Spring And Garbage Wars

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As the environment becomes increasingly more in danger, problems start to arise within human communities as well as within the communities of all living organisms. The impact of these complications prompts the need for establishing a solution. However, the results of these human created solutions can lead to further social and environmental crises. For instance, the two excerpts from the books, “Garbage Wars” written by David Pellow and “Silent Spring” written by Rachel Carson, display how solutions to maintain environmental problems can actually create a foundation for additional environmental injustices. Although Carson and Pellow may seem to present similar arguments concerning the importance of addressing environmental crises, each portrays …show more content…
Throughout “Silent Spring,” Carson wishes to inform the American society about the dangers of a specific pesticide known as DDT. Carson describes many environmental impacts that coincide with the widespread spraying of DDT in the United States, questioning the logic of the large use of this chemical without completely understanding the environmental and human complications that could potentially arise. Throughout, “Silent Spring” it is illustrated how DDT entered the food chain and then began accumulating into the tissues of animals along with humans. Carson concludes that pesticides obtain the power to irrevocably harm animals and pollute the world 's food supply. Consequentially, the chapter, "A Fable for Tomorrow," is included within “Silent Spring” in order to depict human’s potential future. The chapter describes an American town where all forms of life, including humans, have been "silenced" by the gradual harmful effects of …show more content…
Individuals needs to recognize, increase awareness, and take responsibility for environmentally unjust actions. Carson questions “How could intelligent beings… bring the threat of disease and death to their own kind?” The use of pesticides such as DDT cause instrumental impacts and a ripple of further implications that will become apparent within future generations. Species are endangered and health concerns arise. However, American society is blind to any future consequences. Furthermore, Carson implies that officials overlook health and environmental concerns in order to acquire greater amounts of money. Yet, supporting the use of pesticides results in the depletion of insects creating a disturbance within the ecosystem. Through out Carson’s writing, it becomes apparent that the use of DDT in order to control the amount of “pests” on crops, leads to further environmental problems that should not be ignored. Throughout the two excerpts written by Carson and Pellow, the need to establish a concerned consciousness in order to solve environmental crises is heightened. Pellow stresses that solutions to maintain environmental injustices lead to environmental racism within a community and Carson wishes to reiterate that solutions to maintain problems within the environment can lead detrimental

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