Comparison Of Samsung And Best Buy

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Since the product is very expensive, Samsung can be selective where they display and sell it at. To begin with, Samsung only has about sixty five online retailers that sell this new product off the internet. Within those sixty-five or so, there are about ten to twelve retailers that most every American knows, including Target and Walmart. After researching and exploring the major retailers to see which carried the Samsung Television on-line, the only available results are from Best Buy. The other major retailers carry Samsung products, just not the seventy eight inch curved Television.
On the contrary to the lack of curved television sold online, if you look at the in store retailers on Samsung’s authorized retailers list, there is a large
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Samsung is so concerned about what its competition does that, “Samsung 's research spend… (accounts for) 5.7 percent of its revenue, compared to 2.4 percent for Apple” (Business Insider). Even though they do not compete with Apple in the television market, they do compete with Apple in virtually every other product they sell. They do this to better their competitive positioning. Competitive positioning is the differentiation of your product compared to one that another company produces or whatever other products yours competes against. The product features aforementioned help Samsung sells its product with promotion because they have both product and price leadership in the industry. Samsung competes with only LG in the curved television market. As mentioned earlier in the essay, Samsung has the most features of ANY television on the market. Since they have the most features, they are in a good position for when their product leaves the introduction phase and enters the growth stage. The biggest strategy that helps Samsung is their product leadership, and maybe even their customer intimacy. Samsung was the first company to come out with a curved television, which shows that Samsung has product leadership. Customer intimacy may be applicable to the customers because of the numerous features and service lines for their customers to call in order to set up their television or if they have any questions. Overall, Samsung spends a large amount of time and resources in building their products so that they can maintain their strong competitive position against other members who sell products in the same

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