Essay on Sample Resume : Thai Flavours

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Thai Flavours which is owned by Aroon Sakad, earns most of its income from selling spices and dinner wear on credit to either other retailers or restaurants. Thai Flavours is registered for the GST on the invoice basis, which means the GST is required to be paid in the same period as the invoice was issued, rather than when the payment has been received or made. Aarons goals for Thai Flavours are to make a profit and to have a positive cash flow so they will be able to pay off all outstanding debts and liabilities. Since Aroon won 't have to worry about having to borrow money from the bank on credit to pay off liabilities he is able to channel more resources into expanding his business to be able to sell Kitchen appliances. Aroon has realised that his credit policies are not fully established in a way where that are very efficient, now Aroon is hopping that he can make an effective and efficient policy. Aroon is also wanting to expand his business Thai Flavours by selling to new customers on credit but is wary whether they will all pay off the credit. Aroon keeps an accounts receivable subsidiary ledger to process and track all of the purchases that are made using credit, also to keep track of the customers purchasing on credit to try to avoid bad debts.

The accounts receivable subsidiary ledger is the ledger where account information for individual debtors is kept.The purpose of the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger is so Aroon is able to see the details of purchases…

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