Sample Resume : Strategic Planning Essay

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ASM is on autopilot. It 's our job to change that type of thinking and the actions that follow. We must be intentional about our path for our organization. Plotting the course before we set off will, more likely, get us to our desired destination.

Most companies do not have a planned strategy. We haven 't for the past two years. And some years before that. We plan our lives and, thus, should plan our business. Having a plan helps to lead a company to success. We can see this first hand as we have not had a plan in the past two years and are experiencing some significant challenges.

We are here because we want to see ASM become more successful and grow. Growth takes on many forms. We are not a business who wants to be mediocre; we want to be the best, make money and have fun doing it. Let 's not think of Strategic Planning as something more to do. We must think of it as creating a better way of doing what we love to do. We will make our plan straightforward and practical.

To make this all possible, we must all be on the same page and use the plan as our guide to success. Our Strategic Plan will Not go back on the shelf to collect dust. We must tell ourselves that and ensure we don 't fall back into that rut.


A Strategic Plan is a clear road map of how we, as a business, intend to get from today to the Future. A crucial element is that strategic planning must be responsive to a dynamic, changing environment.…

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