Sample Resume : Sharing Knowledge Essay

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Prompt 1: Sharing Knowledge
In your experiences in the university context (prior to your community engagement), where did you believe knowledge came from? What experiences prior to your engagement may have informed this understanding?
AguaClara has spent most of its history in Honduras, but with recent forays into India, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, it is necessary to gather data on new potential sites and analyze specific areas for feasibility and needs assessments. The process of choosing a location for a potential plant in India is complicated, involving many factors for an ideal site. After conducting extensive literature review on the AguaClara model in Honduras, I decided that a successful plant has eleven ideal characteristics. The plant must be placed where (1) the population is between 5,000 and 25,000, (2) there is a certain amount of population growth and average per capita daily water use (yet to decide specific boundaries), (3) surface water is available consistently all year, (4) there is consistent aquifer recharge (rainfall or mountain runoff), (5) the surface water turbidity must be between 10 NTU and 1000 NTU, (6), there is a distribution system and surface water treatment plants available, (7) the consumers are willing to pay the tariff for plant operations, (8) the government set up is accepting of the facility, (9) there is little political conflict or sufficient stability to allow for community engagement, (10) local partnership is available, and (11) a…

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