Sample Resume : Patient Safety Essay

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As, I enter the room, the first thing I do is welcome the patient and wash my hands to ensure patient safety. I would then ask the patient if she would like to go by Ms. P or if she prefers to be called by another name. Once we finalize a name, I would introduce myself as Rachna Talluri, a medical student, that is assisting the supervising physician. Then I address my tardiness and apologize for wasting the patient’s time. An important part of this is to make sure that the patient knows that I value their time as much as mine, and that I understand the negative connotations of my tardiness. Once we addressed the professionalism issue, I would confirm that the patient is ready to begin the interview and is comfortable.
In order to negotiate the agenda, I would start off by announcing that we have a medium amount of time allotted for the meeting. Then I would explain that during our appointment that I will ask some questions during our time today. One of the key and final pieces to setting the agenda is building up a list of the patient’s concerns. I will do this by asking all the issues that the patient may want to discuss today. To further clarify, I would then summarize and finalize the agenda. Ms. P’s chief concern is abdominal pain which is the main issue that we will focus on during the interview.
In order to begin eliciting the History of Presenting Illness from Ms. P, I would initiate with an open ended question regarding her chief concern, such as “ Can you tell me…

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