Sample Resume - Original Writing Essay

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Bopape says things aren 't looking good for Leeto.

If you speak to him, please tell him he 's in deep trouble at the firm.

- Mellow yellow...
- I 'm just checking up on you.

- Were you in court today?
- I won 't lie. It 's rough.

- Come and see me in Maboneng.
- What?

Sipho? Petersen?

I understand you 're disgruntled about the cook-off.

Yes, ma 'am. I was supposed to win.

Unfortunately, we can 't give in to every demand students make. Your head chefs made a decision.

Please buy me one too.


- Where have you been hiding?
- I 'm around.

Where you left me.

Didn 't you go back to Jama 's flat?

There 's no one to go back to there.


I miss him.

I 've been all over the place.

I 'm sure you heard about my court appearance yesterday.

- Everyone 's talking about it.
- Saying what?


I don 't have time to talk about this.
I 'm really trying to move on with my life.

I wish I could also move on.

But I 'm stuck with this case.

Ayanda, I need a favour.

A very big one.

I need you to be my character witness in court.

Have you lost your mind, Emkay?

Ayanda, I have no one else to ask.

Tbose? Kwaito?

Ask the girls you sleep with.

You 're the only person who knows me.

All the people you 've mentioned are fake.

Jama was my boyfriend.

That 's exactly why your words will carry a lot of weight in court.

Ayanda, I know that I 'm a cheater and a liar, but I 'm not a murderer.

You know me, Ayanda. You know me.

Emkay, I cannot lie…

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