Sample Resume : My Manager And Team Essay

1007 Words Oct 31st, 2015 null Page
10/2015 Review response

Thank you both for partaking and sharing your thoughts. I seek opportunities to facilitate development. Consequently, without your impartial participation, I would not be afforded this opportunity. I am delighted to be in a situation with an effortless fit. Moreover, I enjoy working with my manager and team. I am eager and thankful to be in a position to discover and advance in my career. I will continue to communicate effectively both internally and externally. Furthermore, I will continue to adapt and appreciate the challenge of adjustment.
I acknowledge, I need to slow down to prevent errors. This is a poor habit I resolve to break. The habit developed, due to the ERP implementation. In addition to the implementation, the team was short personnel. I was learning and testing a new system. As well, I was learning the terminated employee’s duties, in both the old and new system. A perceptible amount of the duties I didn’t know existed. When staff arrived, I helped train two new employees. This time was tumultuous. I spent a considerable amount of time firefighting and learning new duties. Once we were staffed and trained, it was difficult for me to adapt and slow down. I have contrived a few action items, to improve my accuracy. First, I will remind myself when starting a task how much time I have to complete it. Understanding I do not have to race through it, I will take full advantage of the time and not feel hurried. The…

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