Essay on Sample Resume : ' Miss Katherine '

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"Miss Katherine!" A lady says with a lazy voice. I stand up and straighten up my red pencil skirt and try to give her a pleasant smile.

"Yes," I say sweetly.

"Could you please come to my office, this is regarding your job interview," her voice dragged out with boredom.

I look at her wide eyed but then again, why would she make me drive over here if it wasn 't regarding my interview?

I walk swiftly passed her, and wrinkle my nose behind her back. Ew, gross old lady perfume.

"I am Miss. Plant," she says lazily, "I am the head supervisor of the company and I am here to inform you that you have the job and you may start on Monday. All you are required, the procedures, the rules, etcetera etcetera, are in this folder." She handed me the folder and I immediately grab it and hug it tightly to my chest in joy.

"Please arrive some ten or twenty minutes before, on the first day, Layla will show you to your office and such." As she stands, she opens the door for me I stand up with her, giving her the biggest smile I could possibly muster.

"Thank you so much!" I squealed and she just nods her head stiffly in reply.

Finally, after days of job hunting and asking in different companies, I got the job. I smile to myself, good job Kat, I praise silently.

When I walk outside the doors it 's turning dark. Great, I parked close to an alley some three blocks away. "Fuck," I curse out loud, but immediately regret it. That was 't very ladylike. I was too busy thinking about my walk, to…

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