Essay on Sample Resume : Job Dissatisfaction

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Job Dissatisfaction My organization has made employee relations a priority for the past two years to increase the level of commitment from its employees and to minimize the level of job dissatisfaction. As part of the organization’s commitment, leadership from the top down have been engaged in trainings focused on organizational commitment and employee engagement. The processes that leadership has chosen to implement include: employee rounding and employee engagement surveys. These topics align with this course’s study of organizational behavior and are part of the covenantal processes covered in this week’s presentation (Lesson 2, 2016).
Employee Rounding Employee rounding is a process that supports the concept of organizational commitment by actively engaging leaders with their employees (Robbins and Judge, 2009). In my organization, rounding occurs quarterly with individual employees and their manager to ask questions directly related to their job satisfaction and how the manager and organization can continue to support, or improve, their level of job satisfaction. I have personally discovered underlying issues with employees that were fearful of sharing concerns, underlying talent among employees, and I have also gained feedback on how I can improve my communication. This feedback helps me to know what employees are thinking and where there are areas of improving the employees level of commitment. As described in Lesson 2 (2016), pay is…

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