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Telenursing: Is It In My Future?
Holly Thomason
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR361: Information Systems in Healthcare September 2015

Telenursing: Is It In My Future? Telenursing can be described as a way to examine, treat, monitor and assess patients remotely using telephone, video conferencing, and other technology. Using it in a home setting has many benefits to patient’s that are living at home with chronic conditions. In the USA, about 80% of older adults have one chronic condition, and 50% have at least two (CDC 2011). A decent homebased management of patients with chronic diseases would make it easier to detect exacerbations in conditions quickly and in turn reduce hospital readmissions and slow down disease progression (Orga-Dumitriu, 2014). However, there are also downfalls to the telenursing process for both the patient and the nurse handling the patient’s care. It is imperative that both the risks and benefits of telenursing be explored before it is decided if telenursing should be considered an appropriate career choice for a specific nurse. By using telenursing in a home setting, it is conceivable to successfully manage the prevalent numbers of persons living with chronic illnesses, expand access to care, increase labor proficiency and help alleviate clinician shortages, particularly of underserved residents (Lu et al., 2014). The goal of most home telenursing services provided at home are to reduce readmission rates, reduce emergency room visits,…

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