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Hello Team,

Hope you all are having a great day. Wanted to send this email out to go over some more information about the attributes and what is required to do. The first thing I would like to go over is the “Hold’. Not so much the time we are holding but what we are saying to the customer when we are about to put them on hold and after we have came back.I want to make sure we all understand how to use and when to use the “Mute” on calls. In this email I will also go over Apples Compliance and what we cannot share with the customer.

CP26-Placing Calls On Hold

Mute holds

Keep the duration under 10 seconds.
Use a mute hold to sneeze, cough, yawn, and so on. Do not use Mute to say things to yourself or your coworkers.
Use this type of hold with caution, because a customer hears nothing, which may suggest a lost connection.
What to say

Because mute holds are brief, don 't warn the customer when you begin or end a mute hold. If the customer notices, apologize and explain what happened.

Music holds General

1) Use a music hold when you need longer periods of silence, such as to read notes, check your resources, or go to a lab computer to research an issue.

Always use the Consult function in iLog if you need to reach out to another group with a question.

2) Because customers prefer to stay in direct contact with an Advisor, ensure that placing the call on hold is justified. Never place a call on hold to pursue activities not about the call.


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