Sample Resume : Gmp Training Essay

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The objective of this policy is to ensure that our products are manufactured with consistency and to quality requirements. This document describes how we deliver GMP training to new hires, existing staff and agency associates, and outlines personnel requirements.

This policy applies to all Aii associates, including provisional associates involved in the manufacturing or warehousing of cosmetic products.

Every associate is responsible for adherence to this policy.

1. Aii requires that all employees involved in the manufacturing of cosmetics be suitably trained on Good Manufacturing Practices and individual procedures in their perspective areas of responsibility.
2. The training records will be cross-referenced with the employee training matrix.
3. All visitors and subcontractors entering the manufacturing, warehousing areas must follow the relevant GMP’s depending on which areas of the business they are entering.
4. Hand washing must take place:
a) After using the restrooms
b) After going on breaks
1. All personnel coming in contact with raw materials, in-process materials, finished goods, or contact surfaces must have a high degree of personal hygiene, and come to work wearing clean clothing.
2. Loose clothing or fiber shedding clothes are not allowed in the manufacturing areas.
3. Dangling/loose jewelry is not allowed in the manufacturing areas simply because these may break and fall…

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