Sample Resume : ' Freezer Therapy ' Essay

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Another extreme that Olympic athletes go through in order to improve their performance is called “Freezer Therapy.” Freezer therapy has been going on for many years in a simpler form of placing an icepack on an injured body part to reduce inflammation and ease pain. Athletes took this idea and created something called cryotherapy, which is when the athletes are put into a closed room with freezing air blasting at them. The temperature of the air can get as cold at -160 degrees Celsius, or -256 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Chris Bleakley, a sports scientist at the University of Ulster in the UK,
One aim of cryotherapy is to slow down metabolism in injured muscle tissue. After an injury, an initial rush of blood to the damaged site is followed by a disruption in blood flow, which causes local cells to die. The thinking is that cryotherapy protects against this process by slowing down the action of the immune system 's chemical messengers.

Some people also believe that people who submerge themselves in ice water every once in a while are able to get over illnesses faster and have a better immune system. Tests done at France 's National Institute of Sport show that by taking a bath in cold water after exercising can improve the athlete’s performance in a rowing test, and by switching from warm water to cold water a few times can improve performance even more than using only cold water. Thought control is also used to help athletes get into the “zone” so they can focus and…

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