Essay on Sample Resume For The Enrollment

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We are deeply sorry that the enrollment figures could not reflect much to become our students.

From the observation within the past half month, we found that almost one-third nearly half of the applicants seem not take the offers even we have placed them an offer (i.e. C/O or F/O) within 1 day once received their application. The offer letter was sent as usual via email before posting in the same day. As we know that the captioned applicants will have the payment due date with a short notice (i.e. around 5 days) when receiving the letter because of reaching the programme commencement day. A reminder call for informing he/she to check with their email & mail box to ensure the letters are well received. We always keep check to MIS daily to see & hope the applicant could settle the fee early so that we could do the further action (i.e. schedule timetable, generate student ID, setup SOUL, print class register, etc.).

A reminder (i.e. phone call/email) will make to the captioned applicants 2~3 days before the payment deadline. If the fee do not receive after the due date, a follow-up call has been made to them to see if they have any reason or difficulties to settle the payment. In the cases on financial problem, we have been advised them to apply ENLS. However, we will do as a consultant to talk (actually persuade) with them (i.e. base on their sub-degree to develop how the programme might help for future, a degree level is a must in this world-wide). If we could not convince…

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