Sample Resume : Chemical Engineering Essay

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"How To Find An Entry Level Che Position Or Internship | Chemical Engineering". N.p., 2016. Web. 22 Mar. 2016. has a complete checklist for finding a career and who to work for within chemical engineering. The website provides current co-op opportunities for a chemical engineer. The website has a list of contacts and available ways to interact with reputable chemical engineers. The engineers could possibly help provide work experience and become a reliable source for one success in finding a job. The website also provides important examples of what to expect and how to prepare for follow ups of an interview and companies that hire chemical engineers. The website shows how to apply for an internship. An internship that will make one prepared for an actual career in Chemical Engineering.
The Purpose of this specific website is to supply a reader with valuable information useful for research purposes. The website is well prepared for someone who needs help finding a reliable occupation. This website provides examples for one to find a steady career with a Chemical Engineer degree. This website becomes reliable because of its edu connection. It is school related; the website also has a connection with the certification of becoming a Chemical Engineer, which is the ABET certification. Throughout the website, the author finds different angles to supply the reader with valuable resources and information to…

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