Sample Essay About A Cousin

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Allow me to introduce you to C. C is a cousin of mine who currently resides in Pearland, Texas. She was born May 1st 1996, making her just barely 19 years old. She is a high school graduate who is currently attending a community college. C lives in the upper-middle-class suburbs of Pearland with her parents and her 2 older brothers.
As I mentioned in the previous paragraph C is currently enrolled in community college. She is attending San Jacinto Community college as an oncoming sophomore. This is one of the best community colleges in Texas and C feels very blessed to be a student there. The campus is divided into three parts. C attends the southern most campus, which is a convenient 10-minuet drive from her house. There are about 30 thousand
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C values her family over everything else. So she tries to spend at least 3 hours a day with her mother. Their favorite TV shows are: NCIS and Greys Anatomy. Their favorite movies include: Forrest Gump, James Bond, and all the Batman movies. This is C’s favorite leisure activity, because she generally stores a lot of energy inside herself, and watching TV really helps her unwind and relax. C also enjoys spending time with her best friend, Keisha. Keisha lives in a very cramped and overwhelming apartment. So C and her family have invited Keisha to stay with them. She has currently been living with c for 6 months now. C does her best to spend lots of time with Keisha and to make her feel right at home.
C states that her favorite place in the world is Hawaii. She visited Hawaii last year with a group from her church. She adored how much adventure and fun there was to have on the island. She would go cliff jumping, snorkeling, Hiking, camping, and swimming in the ocean. She found that the island encompassed the natural beauty that was missing in her hometown. C loves being with the people in Hawaii. She said that everyone was so nice friendly and fun to be around. She can’t wait to go
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She lives with her Mother, Father, and 2 brothers. On a typical day C says that her days are very structured. She will wake up around 9 am, get ready for school, go to school, come home at 12pm, eat a snack, study, do her chores, and then she eats dinner around 8pm. After dinner C unwinds and watches TV, then she takes a shower and gets to bed around 12 am. C has some responsibilities around the house such as, doing dishes, laundry, taking care of her 5 animals and getting the mail everyday.
C says that her home provides for most of her needs. She has a nice car, a beautiful house, and a room that’s equipped to accommodate her studying habits. And a flat screen TV for her leisure activities. Although her physical home meets her needs, emotionally her home life can put a strain on her. Both C’s brother and father suffer from bipolar disorder. Their behaviors can switch from one extreme to the next, and her brother can sometimes be violent. In addition to that, C states that her father is an alcoholic. He can be very mean, controlling and OCD. Although C says she has learned to live with it, it has taken a toll on her mentally. Because of her poor family life, she has developed anxiety issues. C is currently taking medication for it and is doing better. But on the plus side, her saving grace in her family, is her mother. She considers her mother to be one of her absolute best friends. C spends more time with her mother than anyone

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