Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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Homosexuality is not new to the United States and neither is the idea of same sex

marriage. Social rights and movements have always been a problem in the United States and has

always been what has defined it. Same sex marriage has been one those social issues that has

been of hot debate for quite some time and has heated up in recent years and split the country.

Though same sex marriage is still not legal under federal law in the United States even though in

many similarly advanced counties it is. The question then becomes why is same-sex marriage not

legally recognized in the United States? Marriage is a basic human right for every individual and

should be made legal in the United States.

When looking at same sex marriage it is best that we look at the history at how

homosexuality was viewed, so we can better understand how it became the controversial topic it

is today. Looking at the past, according to “Same-sex Marriage: A Reference Handbook” by

David Newton, we find surprising research “that homosexual practices were not uncommon” in

many early civilizations such as early Mesopotamia in about 1700 BCE. An Attraction towards

another man was considered an act of love in the early days of Greece and not considered

immoral. It wont not be until the rise of the popularity of other religions that we would find

homosexuality and same sex marriage become a religious issue and a moral one.

At the beginning of answering this question as to why…

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