Same Sex Marriage Controversy Paper

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Same-Sex Marriage Controversy

In the article about same-sex marriage there are three separate points that are brought up. The first one is that the states that have legalized gay marriage, have pretty much redefined marriage for everyone. The second is stating that children are learning in school that it does not matter whether you marry a boy or a girl when you grow up. The third point made in this article is acknowledging the religious groups that believe that marriage is for a man and woman, are now not allowed to adopt children out because it is discriminating to only allow a man and woman who are married to adopt. The author declares that he does not see an issue with marriage including same-sex couples. It does not mean that his marriage with his wife is any different than what it was before gay marriage was legalized. I agree with the author of the article. I believe that just because two people of the same sex can now get married if they desire has nothing to do with whomever I decide to marry and myself. Everything would be the same with my marriage whether gay marriage was legalized or not. Just because they are now allowed to wed does not mean that my marriage will be seen as anything different than it was before it was before gay marriage was granted.
The second statement made in the article was that children are learning in school that it does not matter who you marry when you grow up. I feel like this is somewhat of an issue because children in school…

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