Same Sex Marriage Controversy Essay

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Same-Sex Marriage Controversy

In the article about same-sex marriage there are three separate points that are brought up. The first one is that the states that have legalized gay marriage, have pretty much redefined marriage for everyone. The second is stating that children are learning in school that it does not matter whether you marry a boy or a girl when you grow up. The third point made in this article is acknowledging the religious groups that believe that marriage is for a man and woman, are now not allowed to adopt children out because it is discriminating to only allow a man and woman who are married to adopt. The author declares that he does not see an issue with marriage including same-sex couples. It does not mean that his marriage
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I have mixed feelings about this. I feel like religions should not have to conform their beliefs because they are forced to, but all organizations, religious or not should not critic someone based on who they are married to. But I feel very strongly about organizations that deal with adoption. The point of adoption is so that the child is placed in a loving and caring home and is no longer in the foster care. If a child will be taken out of foster care and placed into a home whether it is with a man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman it should not matter. As long as the child will have a supportive, loving family that with supply the child with safety, food, shelter and whatever else that child could need or want. For all that we know the gay couple trying to adopt is more stable and financially able to support a child than the straight couple, and vice versa. Again the care of the child should not be judged on whom someone is married to, but the capability of care for the child. No one should be denied anything based on whom they are married

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