Same Sex High School Essay

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Same-Sex High School Many problems could be solved with same sex high schools. It would be better for the children to attend same sex high schools to resolve issues of focusing. Not only does it benefit children it prevents classroom disruptions, allowing the teacher to focus on teaching. Same-sex high schools are proven to perform at higher standards, academically, structurally, and behaviorally than co-ed highs schools.
A same-sex high school is where only all girls or all boys attend. They were started because it was believed that students should be segregated so they could focus and learn better. Girls and boys do not learn the same way. When boys and girls are together the sexual attraction can be very distracting. When a boy is
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The teacher can actually get in the female 's brain better and see how the individual learns better and what females catch onto better, than having a combined classroom and only getting to just the girls or just the guys. Females strongest point in school is language and weakest point is math but even in math females are still out scoring boys. Males strongest point is math and weakest subject is science. Girls do good in most subjects, better than boys, but when it comes to exams and E.O.G.S. it is shown that boys outscoring the girls. It is not so much that the guys do not care about the tests and quizzes, but guys focus more on the exams. Also, it is shown that in the classrooms it is easier for girls to sit down and focus better than it is guys. This is why it is good to be in same-sex schools because the time is taken to get the class quiet and calm could be used for better thing like taking the role or getting the class started on the day agenda (ASCD).
Same-sex schools would not be a bad idea if people want the child to be separated from the opposite sex. It helps kids focus and really do the best in class because the children do not have that extra distraction to deal with. ¨They have really small students body, the teachers have time to be one on one with the students. They always get to see their advisor twice a week. They see their facility at least
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