Essay Samantha Bee : The Ladder Of Success

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Samantha Bee is a forty-seven-year-old comedian who was born and raised in Canada. Sam climbed the ladder of success, moving from her involvement in the Daily Show with John Stewart as a correspondent to the recent achievement of hosting her own show titled “Full Frontal.” The journey to celebrity status was not one without its challenges and bumps in the road. Just after her birth on October 25, 1969, her parents split, leaving her to be raised by Sam’s Grandmother. Sam said in an interview with NPR that due to her unusual childhood, she never fit in with other kids, often feeling like she “…was a different person in everybody’s home.” Like many, Sam never was certain of what she wanted to do with her life. After completing high school, she first attended McGill University for a degree in Math and Science, then attended the University of Ottawa for an English degree. She then changed her mind again about her future and decided that she would enroll in law school. However, just a year after enrolling, she took a class in theater, her mind had changed again, but her life was changed for good. It was after this class she obtained a degree in theater, and was the “co-founder of the all-female Fireballs comedy troupe.” This was the beginning of an uphill battle to obtain Sam’s newfound dream to become an actress. It was during this time in her life that she worked hardest for every dollar she made. Amid the chaos, Sam met her future Husband, Jason Jones. The two met…

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