Deborah Samson Essay

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Deborah Samson(protagonist)- Deborah Samson was a young woman living in Middleborough, a small town in the United States of America. During this time period, women were not treated equally compared to men, and Deborah felt trapped in a small town with no potential future outside the constraints set by society for women. In a rebellious attempt to join the military disguised as a man to get away from Middleborough, she was caught and faced legal prosecution. Deborah, however, decided to run away and successfully enlisted in the military in another town. Using the name Robert Shurtliff, Deborah spent an extended time in the service fighting the British until the end of the Revolutionary War.
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Many colonists within the British colonies declared their independence from Britain, and a war had been ongoing for many years leading up to the start of the novel. The Continental Army that was fighting the British soldiers and loyalists consisted only of men, and women were not allowed to serve. During the time period, women were not considered equals to men, and the norms of society limited the opportunities for women. Men at the time were regarded as the leaders and superiors in the community. Women, on the other hand, were expected to obey men and to serve as housewifes under the control of their husbands. Deborah served as an indentured servant and eventually was released from her service. She attempted to be free and independent taking up weaving as an occupation. She, however, was limited by her gender and the social norms of the time period. The majority of Middleborough considered her dangerous and irresponsible for not marrying and living a normal life. Society's expectations sickened Deborah, and she dearly desired to break free from the dreadful life in Middleborough. She, nonetheless, attempted to join the military disguised as a man; however, an older lady foiled her plans and turned Deborah in. The setting of Revolutionary is plagued with issues regarding gender equality which trouble the main protagonist,

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